As Solicitors, regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority and members of The Law Society, we are responsive to clients’ expectations of their Solicitors. We can also explain complex foreign legal matters in English legal terms. We are familiar with and can provide assistance on a range of English legal matters, including Wills and Probate, Court of Protection, Family Matters, Debt Recovery, Disputing Jurisdiction, Affidavits, etc

As Notaries, we have knowledge and experience of English Law and other foreign jurisdictions which may come into play when dealing with legal issues on behalf of our clients. Using our own expertise or working with other foreign lawyers, we can prepare and/or authorise documents for any jurisdiction in the world. We can also provide Certified (Notarised) Translations.

As “Abogados” (practising Spanish lawyers) we have a very high degree of specialisation and expertise in Spanish Law.Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience of Anglo-Spanish legal matters. We can consider issues from the dual perspective of lawyers versed in the Spanish and English legal systems. Thus, any main differences between the two jurisdictions directly affecting our clients’ interest can be explained and our clients avoid misconceptions and mistaken assumptions. We can also explain in English terms how a transaction will be dealt with in Spain by comparing the process with a similar arrangement in the UK. As a result, our clients receive comprehensive and effective advice.

Do you need assistance with Spanish Probate? Certificates of Law / Declaration of Heirs? Spanish conveyancing (purchase or sale of property)? Powers of Attorney? Implementing a divorce order in Spain? Property Disputes? These are only examples of what we can assist you with.

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