22 Mar

Can you afford to appoint Solicitors to purchase your property in Spain?


Although Spain is the favourite holiday destination for Britons and the most favoured expat destination (after Australia, US and Canada), cultural differences between British and Spanish people are greater than it may seem at first sight. The Spanish and UK legal systems are also very different, and the expectations and assumptions that clients make of […]

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14 Mar



Los testamentos ingleses y su acceso al Registro de la Propiedad español como título sucesorio

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11 Nov

The European Succession Regulation- How this will continue to affect British people even after Brexit


The European Succession Regulation (650/2012) came into force in Spain on 17 August 2015. This Regulation does not apply in the UK, Denmark or Ireland. However, British people who have property or any other interests in Spain are affected (and will continue to be affected after Brexit) by the European Succession Regulation. The Succession Regulation […]

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28 Sep

Brexit and Spain


The UK will be leaving the EU. It seems the process may commence in early 2017 and the negotiations could take several years. Even after that, the UK government could take much longer to change some aspects of the law and/or the investment and market conditions. However in the meantime both individuals and business may wish to take […]

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19 Aug



Are you worried about matters concerning your Spanish interests following the result of the Referendum of 23rd June 2016? If so you may wish to send us an email outlining the legal advice or assistance that you require. You can email us on:   info@mmlawyers.co.uk

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